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Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba has criticised the man-management style of Jose Mourinho, his former manager and current game against Tottenham Hotspur.

Pogba, in an interview with SkySports on Friday, accused Mourinho of “going against players” and making them feel “like they don’t exist anymore”.

Mourinho signed Pogba for United in 2016 for £89.3 million, making him the world’s most expensive footballer at the time.

The Frenchman was an influential figure on and off the pitch as the club won the Europa League and League Cup double in 2017.

The pair had a jolly relationship until Mourinho stripped Pogba of United’s vice-captaincy, in reaction to bad performance. The sour atmosphere between the duo culminated in a televised training ground clash.

Mourinho was replaced with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer in December 2018.

Commenting on his relationship with Ole, Pogba said: “What I have now with Ole is different because he wouldn’t go against the players.

“It’s not like you put them on the side and they don’t exist any more. I think that’s the difference between Mourinho and Ole.

“Once I had a great relationship with Mourinho. Everybody sees that and the next day you don’t know what happened. That’s the strange thing I had with Mourinho. And I can not explain to you because, even me, I don’t know.”

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